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ねえママ..今夜でサヨナラ その血で目覚める....帰れる子宮は無い

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Doci ~ I am not obsessed I am just full of passion
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 Juten Tach!

 ✿ Eighter and Ryofan but I try to avoid the "Ryochan kawaiiiii"-Wave. I don't feel like becoming a teenager again. xD

 ✿ Apart from Kanjani8, my heart belongs to Siam Shade. And of course as a Shamu Fan I still believe strongly in their comeback someday. And my heart belongs also to Hideki because he's the awesomness in person. If I fangirl I fangirl about him and I am not sorry. He has done so much that he deserves my fangirling XD And of course DAITA! <3 Okay Daita's guitar skills only :D

 ✿ Other bands I like: Camino, Detrox, Mucc, Waive, Wands and some other blahblah no one actually cares for XD

 General likes

 ✿ Relaxing, watching doramas, food, being a bitch, coffee, nostalgic animes, tba

 General dislikes

 ✿ K-Pop (I am sorry yes but I am simply not made for bubblegum pop. Has nothing do with being rassistic.) Licorice (EEEEEEW DUDE), annoying elitists who think they know everything better, tba

 Anyway! Hate me or love me. There is no other option ;D I can bitch about my fandom with passion. I should actually be called Ryo-Defender and Ryo-Fangirls-spanker :X I don't know why, see it as part of my boredom.


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