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[. たら .] - Merry Christmas ---

~ ★ ~ Vers. 10: Merry Christmas feat. たら ~ ★ ~

9 April 1989
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Tara: female, 18, lives in Karlsruhe/Germany and you can also find her @ last.fm, myspace and animexx. At the moment she looks like this. Her loves are たら and Toshiya & her obsessions are Karyu, and ヒコ. Tara also laughs a lot, speaks before thinking, is easily amused, but has her depressive moments, too. Sometimes she's bitchy and antisocial against some people, she don't like. She hates users addin' her without any request @ her FRIENDS ONLY entry and not writin' in english, because she's no language expert. Her Journal is 90% in english and 10 % in german, but 100% FRIENDS ONLY.
★VERSION 1: [. たら .] - Je t'aime--- [176BIZ]
★VERSION 2: [. Bill .] - Helig---「Sacred」 [Tokio Hotel]
★VERSION 3: [. たら .] - my baby☆STAR--- [176BIZ]
★VERSION 4: [. ヒコ .] - my ROCK☆HERO--- [デンジャ-☆ギャング]
★VERSION 5: [. たら .] - my baby☆STAR--- my diary page... [ex - 176biz] [Header credit: mikaoroid ❤]
★VERSION 6: [.G-Dragon .] - goes V.I.P--- [빅뱅]
LOVE after LOVE・・・
tara ♥ ♥ ♥ extreme fangirl. toshiya ♥. slytherin ♥. pirates ♥. parapara. ganguro. bassguitars. japan. korea. thailand. egypt. italia. music. friends. movies. cosplay. yaoi. shopping. conventions. concerts. spring. manga. anime. internet. video games. stars. skulls. history. good food. fashion. strawberries. sleeping. jaeho. yunhos dancing skills. roleplaying. DRIFT.
lies. intolerance. some people. no money. insects. spiders. hospitals. too much sun. hot weather. winter. summer. vegetable. potatoes. arrogance. ignorance. not having internet. displacing my cellphone & ipod. interrupted while playing RPG. no energy for my Nintendo DS, Gameboy COLOR & Gameboy advance SP. nazis. racism. bitchy computers.
dir en grey ♥. panic☆ch/パニックちゃんねる ♥. d'espairs ray ♥. 176biz ♥. アヤビエ. アンティック-珈琲店- ♥. ガゼット ♥. kagrra, ♥. 雅-miyavi-. アリス九號. ナイトメア. ヴィドール. phantasmagoria. カレン. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区. 蜉蝣. シド. death☆rabbits. 姫苺 ♥. 摩天楼オペラ. ギルガメッシュ. bis. ghost. janne da arc. x-japan. lm.c. ラブcan. the studs. malice mizer. viored ♥. SuG ♥. 摩天楼オペラ. kat-tun ♥. newS ♥. 山下智久. 修二と彰. kittyGYM. 嵐. モーニング娘。. olivia. anna tsuchiya. 倖田來未. 浜崎あゆみ ♥. halcali. weißkreuz. 동방신기 ♥. 빅뱅 ♥. super junior ♥. A'STA1. ss501. se7en. 태빈. the trax. f4. 周渝民. 飛輪海. s.h.e. 棒棒堂. 楊丞琳. tank. energy. evonne. กอล์ฟ+ไมค ♥. eurobeat ♥. linkin park. eminem. soundtracks ♥ ♥ ♥. within temptation. evanescence. pussycat dolls. christina aguilera. t.a.t.u. nightwish. groove coverage. e nomine. him. juli. panic! at the disco. fall out boy. tokio hotel ♥.
11.02.2005: 蜉蝣 live in munich. 26.03.2005: moi dix mois live in munich. 28.05.2005: dir en grey live in berlin. 21.10.2005: 蜉蝣 x d'espairs ray coupling tour live in munich. 30.04.2006: 蜉蝣 live in straßbourg. 27.05.2006: dir en grey live in berlin. 28.05.2006: dir en grey live in cologne. 30.07.2006: ガゼット live in bonn. 31.07.2006: ガゼット live in bonn². 17.11.2006: d'espairs ray live in saarbruecken. 15.12.2006: 蜉蝣 last live in berlin. 19.05.2007: アヤビエ live in berlin. 23.06.2007: JSHOCK in cologne [feat. アンティック-珈琲店- & bis & ギルガメッシュ & guitar wolf]. 29.07.2007: 雅-miyavi- live in bonn [@ animagic 2007]. 15.08.2007: dir en grey live in munich. 20.10.2007: ガゼット live in berlin. 21.10.2007: ガゼット live in cologne. 29.12.2007: J-ROCK INVASION in cologne [feat. sug & kagrra, & アリス九號 & kra & screw]. 22.3.2008: アンティック-珈琲店- in munich. tbc.
This Journal is FRIENDS ONLY. If you want to add me, go to my FRIENDS ONLY entry and let a comment. ❤

I love my baby☆STAR. ❤</center>